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About LiveReload

LiveReload is lovingly crafted by Andrey Tarantsov. You can read the story of LiveReload here and some more of a story here.

About the author


I live in the middle of Siberia, develop software for most of the modern platforms and play friends with local bears. One of those statements is a lie.

And I’m a tools junkie. I am inspired by elegant tools; I love my work iff I love the tools. I need a shot of fresh new tools every week.

If I don’t switch platforms, compilers, hosting providers, editor plugins or at least some lousy help desk software for many days in a row, I get a severe toolprivation and need an emergency supply of command-line utilities to survive. Sometimes I end up building those myself.

(Which is about how LiveReload originally came to be.)

Another thing that turns me on is making real users happy. I’ve always known that getting into the tools business is the ultimate cure for my toolishness. I’ve made several attempts, and LiveReload 2 is the first and only successful one so far.

I’m 26 years old and get happier with each year passing by. (I firmly believe that the best time of one’s life is somewhere in or after 40s, provided that an acute case of toolupus does not kill me till then.) I’m blissfully married and a father of two lovely children.


Thanks to Nikita Vasiliev for keeping LiveReload 1.x alive for a good part of its first year, and for perfecting some of the CSS reloading tricks. Without him, LiveReload 1 would never get this popular, and I would never start working on LiveReload 2.

Icon design by Akhil Kothari. I think he’s awesome. Hire him if you can track him down, he’s usually very busy. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to work together, and the designer who stepped in after him totally ruined the icon.

Menu bar icons kindly provided by Pete Schaffner (@peteschaffner). For free. Thanks again, Pete!

Contains the following open-source components:

Previous version used to have the following ones: