I don't like LiveReload, can you recommend something else?

Sure! Depends on why LiveReload isn’t suitable for you, though.

LiveReload is too expensive for me

This one is easy. Just use the unlimited trial version, and optionally open a support request to ask for a free license. I always give free licenses to everyone who asks.

I don’t like LiveReload, but I still want some native app

Fair enough. If you’re on a Mac, try Brian Jones’ CodeKit app — it is generally regarded as awesome, and people who don’t like the UI of LiveReload are probably looking for something like that.

Also try these ones:

I’d rather use a command-line tool

I’m considering a command-line mode for LiveReload 3.x, btw.

I’d rather use a JavaScript-only solution that’s based on polling

Beware: These ones might be easier to get running, but will eat up your CPU and battery:

Other options