Usage Statistics & Privacy Policy

Usage Statistics

LiveReload “pings” our servers once a day. Why? Because it’s very motivating for us to watch the number of users grow over time.

When pinging, LiveReload sends the following information. We don’t currently use most of these numbers, but we plan to aggregate them in the future.

There is additional info implicitly shared by the act of sending the “ping” to our servers via HTTP:

Currently there is no way to disable the pings, although we will add a hidden preference to do it soon.

Privacy Policy

We won’t ever share anything that can be traced back to you — right now that means your IP address. The aggregate info that we use is accessible publicly at the mentioned stats page, and you can check that there are no concerns for your privacy there. (The page also does not accept any input or cookies, so there is no way to hack it, and it is incapable of displaying something else anyway.)

For optional newsletter subscriptions, we collect your email addresses and some additional info of yours. That info will only ever be shared with a respectable email newsletter management service, which is currently