Plugin API

LiveReload plugin API is documented in livereload/livereload-plugins on GitHub.

An example

Let’s make a simple Node.js-based compiler for a fictional language “More Is Less”, which compiles .more files into .css files.

Put MoreIsLess.lrplugin with the two files listed below into ~/Library/LiveReload/Plugins and restart LiveReload. It should now list MoreIsLess among the available compilers and, if you turn compilation on, will invoke our script to turn .more files into .css files.


  "LRCompilers": [
      "Name": "MoreIsLess",
      "Extensions": ["more"],
      "DestinationExtension": "css",
      "CommandLine": [


<pre>`var fs = require('fs');
var sourceFile = process.argv[2];
var outputFile = process.argv[3];
var source = fs.readFileSync(sourceFile, 'utf8');
source = source.replace(/more/g, 'less');
fs.writeFileSync(outputFile, source);