Using custom scripts to support other editors

If your favorite editor is not supported by LiveReload, and you know how to make it open a specific file (on a specific line) from the command line, you can easily support it by writing a shell script and saving it as ~/.livereload/edit.

The first (required) command-line argument will be the file name. The second (optional) argument is the line number. The second argument will be omitted in certain cases.

You can put LR-editor-name: "SomeName" anywhere in your script (presumably in a comment) to specify the name LiveReload should use in the UI to refer to this editor.

Here’s an example script to support TextMate:

#! /bin/bash
# LR-editor-name: "MyMate"
open "txmt://open/?url=file://$1&line=$2"

If you made a useful script, we encourage you to send it to so that we can add native support for that editor in the next release.

Don’t forget to make your script executable (chmod +x ~/.livereload/edit).