How do I install and use the browser extensions?

Installing extensions

Download and open to install:

Extensions will be updated automatically.

Using extensions

  1. Make sure LiveReload 2 is running
  2. Click the LiveReload toolbar button to enable or disable LiveReload.

LiveReload toolbar button is located in the main toolbar in Chrome and Safari, and in the Add-on Toolbar in Firefox (at the bottom).

The icon indicates LiveReload status of the current tab (unavailable / disabled / enabled, connecting / enabled, connected).

If your page already includes LiveReload via a SCRIPT tag, it is considered to be in ‘enabled’ state initially. You can still disable or reenable it using the toolbar button.

What’s new

2.1.0: Fixed a bunch of bugs.

2.0.9: Updated toolbar icons to the ones contributed by Vadim Makeev (pepelsbey). Thanks! Chrome extension published on the Chrome Web Store.

2.0.5: Enabled autoupdating. Updated bundled livereload.js (for use with old-style clients like guard-livereload and livereload 1.x).

2.0.3: Firefox-only update that fixes handling of frames


2.0.1: fixed support of protocol v6 (i.e. older LR-compatible Ruby gems and older builds of LR2)

2.0.0 (alpha quality!):


LiveReload browser extensions are open-sourced