Choosing a CSS preprocessor

Default choice: SASS / Compass

If you are not using any preprocessors at the moment, we recommend you take a look at Compass, which is a framework on top of SASS.


Not a good choice when:

Getting started:

More info on using SASS or Compass with LiveReload

Want something simple? Take LESS

LESS helps to simplify your stylesheets, but intentionally does not try to be a programming language. As a result, it is very simple, but it wouldn’t be easy to build something like Compass around it — which is why there isn’t any.


Not a good choice when:

More info on using LESS with LiveReload

Hacker at heart? Consider Stylus

Stylus is made by TJ Holowaychuk, also known as If you recognize him by the name, or simply love to be meta, try Stylus. It allows infinite possibilities of metaprogramming and has a very lean syntax.

Your only choice if:

Not a good choice if:

Stylus has Nib, which aims to be a rough equivalent of Compass — minus those hundreds of plugins, plus a super-clean unobtrusive syntax. It could evolve to be the recommended choice for everyone, but so far, the community support is not there.