Handling vendor prefixes

We recommend using a CSS preprocessor like LESS, SASS or Stylus to take care of CSS3 vendor prefixes. Besides making your code easier to write, a properly executed solution will help you maintain vendor prefixes over time, as CSS3 standard goes mainstream.

Take a look at our choosing a CSS preprocessor article.

If you want CSS3 prefixing to be absolutely transparent, Stylus + Nib do that out of the box. Stylus might not be for everyone, though; we recommend Compass as your default choice, please read that article mentioned above.

If you want to go with LESS, you may find this Nettuts suggestion or a seemingly more complete solution by Derek Allard useful for dealing with vendor prefixes.

Alternative: prefix-free

Prefix-free is a lightweight browser-side solution to this problem. LiveReload 2.3.9+ supports it — grab the latest beta here if v2.3.9 hasn’t yet hit the Mac App Store.

On v2.3.8 or earlier, prefix-free breaks the live CSS preview function.